ACME specializes in providing and supervising mechanical service crews, overseeing maintenance programs, and providing turnkey Overhauls, Installations, and Maintenance of various high speed Turbines and Compressors.

ACME's Service experts provide Management of the entire overhaul and repair process includes troubleshooting the problem, determination of on-site or shop repair, replacement, retrofit, rerate, or refurbishment.

ACME's application Engineers collect and analyze vibration data, field balance rotors and impellers, troubleshoot, repair or calibrate existing vibration warning systems, and design, engineer, and install vibration warning systems.

Field services include:

  • Consulting services to analyze and diagnose problems and take corrective action.
  • Technical assistance to carry routine maintenance to keep turbo machinery running more efficiently and for longer periods.
  • Technical & service support and assistance for new installations and start-ups.
  • Takes up Service contracts including major overhaul, inspection, outage and maintenance support and relocation and installation services.

ACME also has the ability to send emergency service team direct to a site, enabling customers to remain focused on their core business while their turbine and compressor's issue is being solved.