It is proved fact that 50% of machinery failures, including motors failures are due to "Misalignment" of machines. This is the area, which is commonly neglected in many industries; one major reason is that it is difficult and time consuming to perform, often requiring specialist skills to align all machinery accurately. To overcome these problems adaption of Laser alignment technique is most effective solution. All the rotating equipment including high speed turbines, compressors, pumps, fans etc. can be aligned effectively by using our specialized Easy Laser Alignment kits and FAG alignment kit within short duration.

In addition to the above ACME is providing the services like leveling, parallelism, flatness and squareness in all process industries to maintain trouble free operation by using our specialized Easy Laser Alignment kits.

Shaft Alignment can be performed with a lot of different tools. The easiest way is to use a ruler or a straight edge over the two coupling halves and align by eyesight. The result is not very accurate and it is very operator dependent. A better result can be achieved by the use of mechanical dial indicators. A skilled and experienced operator can obtain good and reliable measurements, but it takes time and patience. A far easier and highly accurate way is to use laser based alignment systems. They do not require special skills and deliver accurate and reliable results.