We deploy handheld thermal imaging systems & trained specialists to identify problems, prevent unscheduled downtime, identify corrective action and improve plant safety, saving time and money in a wide range of Industrial and commercial applications. Many failure processes generate excess heat, accurately measuring this heat radiation can often provide valuable information to diagnose fault conditions in both mechanical and electrical systems.

Thermography is the remote Condition Monitoring technique that locates these surface temperatures abnormalities, and defines their characteristics for use in Preventive Maintenance in your plant.

Using our expertise in Thermography, ACME can help you to:

  • Locate and eliminate electrical fire hazards.
  • Decrease breakdowns due to excessive parts friction (bearings, lubricant or corrosion caused).
  • Save costs on shutdowns as measurements can be taken remotely, under operating condition.

Applications – Mechanical systems

What Can Be detected:

  • Misalignment of coupled equipment.
  • Over/under lubrication of bearings.
  • Over/under tension of belted systems.
  • Excessive friction.
  • Defective Equipment


  • Quickly locate misaligned coupled equipment.
  • Increase equipment reliability and life.
  • Increase production and efficiency while saving energy.
  • Increase quality of product.
  • Minimize downtime by planning the required manpower and materials before shutdown.
  • Improve worker productivity and morale by correcting potential problems proactively.

Applications – Electrical distribution systems

What Can Be detected:

  • Loose/deteriorated connections.
  • Overloads.
  • Imbalanced Loads.
  • Open Circuits.
  • Inductive Heating.
  • Harmonics
  • Defective Equipment


  • locate problems quickly, without interrupting service.
  • Drastically reduce costly, unscheduled power outages.
  • Minimize preventive maintenance time and maximize troubleshooting effectiveness.
  • Prevent premature failure and extend equipment life.
  • Identify potentially dangerous and hazardous equipment.
  • Reduce insurance premiums and deductible payments